We are a professional massage business in Scarborough offering a complete range of traditional Thai massage and oil massage treatments. All our massage practitioners are fully qualified, have certificates issued by Thai Traditional Medical Services Society and are fully insured for all the services provided.

These treatments are ideal for deep relaxation along with treatment for muscle injuries such as sport injuries and for easing symptoms of many illnesses.

After your massage your body will feel rejuvenated and energised and you will be ready to take on the world.

A Touch of Thai Scarborough

Some of the benefits from a Thai massage session can include the following:

  • relief or reduction of stress
  • deep relaxation
  • warmed and stretched muscles
  • healing energy flow
  • greater flexibility reducing risk of injury to muscles
  • increased body energy levels
  • relief from aching muscles and joints
  • detoxification
  • a feeling of well-being

This natural body workout is perfect for preparation and recovery for anyone training for an athletic event, performance or any kind of physical and/or mental test. It helps you focus internal body energy and helps increase attention to the task in hand. It is a very good natural therapy for those in pain from tension, injury, or illness.

Thai massage is beneficial to everyone whether young or old, active or not, healthy or in not such good health and helps to relieve the symptoms of many common ailments such as back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestion problems, stress related problems plus the deep relaxation from the massage helps people to deal with their emotional issues.

History Of Thai Massage

The history of Thai massage dates back over 2500 years and is believed to originate from the personal physician to Buddha in India. About 2000 years ago Thai Massage was brought from India to Thailand along with Buddhism. Since then it has been developed and handed down through the generations. It was never seen as just massage but as a spiritual practice, and until recent times was mostly practised in the Thai Buddhist temples.

lotus flower at A Touch of Thai